Fogies Liquor Gallery

(605) 275-9575

Our Location

5020 S. Marion Road, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

  • Schilling Road Trip Peach Cider
  • Take 16 Storangey Orange Irish Dry Stout
  • Breckenridge Plum Imperial IPA
  • Sam Adams New England Style IPA

  • 20% off fills all day Thursdays!!

Excellent Service, Superior Selection

What's On Tap?

updated 5/3

  • Stone Buzzer Beater DIPA
  • Remedy Brewing Hefe-Metal
  • Ommegang Candi Stout
  • Deschutes Twillight Summer Ale
  • Deschutes Black Raspberry Sour
  • Deschutes Pear Bergamot Sour

  • We fill all Growlers!!

Everyone is a friend when they walk through the doors at Fogies Liquor Gallery. We are proud to offer a dedicated community story with an unbeatable selection and amazing prices. Since 2004, we've called Sioux Falls our home and have been lucky to be the one-stop-shop for some of the tastiest meats, cheeses, wine, beer and spirits. We also have daily growler specials and wine discounts that keep your money in your pocket!