Fogies Liquor Gallery

(605) 275-9575
  • Schilling Road Trip Peach Cider
  • Take 16 Storangey Orange Irish Dry Stout
  • Breckenridge Plum Imperial IPA
  • Sam Adams New England Style IPA

  • 20% off fills all day Thursdays!!

Excellent Service, Superior Selection

Everyone is a friend when they walk through the doors at Fogies Liquor Gallery. We are proud to offer a dedicated community story with an unbeatable selection and amazing prices. Since 2004, we've called Sioux Falls our home and have been lucky to be the one-stop-shop for some of the tastiest meats, cheeses, wine, beer and spirits. We also have daily growler specials and wine discounts that keep your money in your pocket!

Our Location

5020 S. Marion Road, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

What's On Tap?

updated 4/21

  • New Belgium HPA Hemp Pale Ale
  • Remedy Brewing Hefe-Metal
  • Ommegang Candi Stout
  • Deschutes Twillight Summer Ale
  • Deschutes Black Raspberry Sour
  • Deschutes Pear Bergamot Sour

  • We fill all Growlers!!